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Oct 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
in phoenix. meantime lakers amidst their big cast of characters badly in need of a chemistry lesson. not meshing today at all. one of their newcomers dwight howard had 19 points looking good. but another newcomer steven nash is picked. lakers 14 turn overs. nash held to just seven points and four assists. mavericks some nice work to move it around. marion on the bounce and the dunk. mavericks win 99-91 lakers never looked in it. >>> some raw emotion on display celtics and heat. ray allen jumped ship to miami. allen hugged doc rivers but garnett refused to acknowledge him. and allen splashes three. chris bosh is just a ball. and a very familiar sight, lebron walks it down do your thing 26 for lebron. celtics made a move late but bosh helps put it away with a slam of his own 120-107. celtics look out of it. >>> the giants they win it all but the a's clearly the most pleasant surprise in all of baseball and one of the major ingredients for the right fielder josh redick who not only led the team in home runs but tonight honored with a gold glove for his outstanding fielding particularl
Oct 28, 2012 5:00am PDT
that first season. it was after you beat the lakers and you have an e-mail or a text message from your lawyer saying it was over, and you were talking about a custody battle. that prompted you to write this book, right? >> yeah, that moment led to now where i could even talk about being a father first. even though i always thought of myself as a good father, i went through this journey for a reason. i wanted to share my experiences with so many families out there, i know a lot of families deal with a lot of things i deem with. not only as an adult. but as a kid. that's why i talked about my childhood as well. >> you, like many people have a story. and your story started with issues with your mother, issues at home. what were some of the things? >> yeah, growing up with a mom who's -- as long as i can remember was addicted to drugs, selling drugs, in and out of jail. my father, even when he was around, it got tense with him. just a different way of doing things, very strict, very militant. growing up in the city of chicago, just like any other innercity. it's exactly what it is, drugs, gangs,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2